Foxterrier wire puppies at  Waltzingfox            Kennel
New puppies born 09.May.2016,ready to go 10. July 2016

mother ch.Gally Star Franke
father    ch.Finn Star Franke
photo updated weekly on and

Wire foxterrier puppies

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 About our Kennel
  we are a small operation kennel and all puppies and dogs are raised in our home.We have 4 foxterriers at present time:
Brita who was a mother to our previous litters with her partner, retired multinational champion Xicolo. both are almost l4 years old. Gall and Finn finished their championships in 2011 and are parents to a third litter of puppies. Finn was imported from Europe and his puppies inherit his laid back attitude and his love of people.He is energetic, smart likes walks and excersize and does he ever love his meals.At 4 and half years of age he is still a playful puppy at heart.
Gally slightly younger than Finn was also imported from Europe. Both have 50 % Travella champion dogs in their blood.The other half being from top champion europian females in their background.Gally is very attentive to the puppies, taking great care of them.She is very outgoing and loves to catch and bring the ball. She is very smart and can "outfox" anyone.Puppies are born and raised in our home getting all attention, care and socializing. 
 All our dogs are happy, outgoing and healthy and stay with us till the bitter end.They all have their outside runs but all dogs and puppies spend the nights inside in our home.
Gally at a show
Gally at a show
our 2013 litter 3 females and 2 males born March.20

Finn as a puppy
Gally and Finn in the snow

Foxterrier is one of the most curious, intense. impulsive and entertaining terriers.They are very outgoing and active dogs, intelligent and always allert.
Very active and playful, loves to play with toys, loves chaising the ball which helps with his excercise.Loves to run and long walks, many are also water lovers.They are sweet, loving and affectionate breed, loyal and easy going.They are handsome, their head is straight with nicely folded ears and nice tail, pleasure to look at.They need opportunity to vent their energy through excersize and play.Very nice with children.They are sweet, loving and affectionate breed, loyal and easy going.They are handsome pleasure to look at.
Foxterrier loves outdoor so secure backyard is the best place for him. He must be supervised frequently as his hunting instinct might lead him to dig under the fence to investigate the outside of it. He trieves with active and strict owners.You must teach them that you mean what you say and that you are the boss in the household at an early age.They are very possessive of their food and toys.They are fearless with other animals.Foxterrier is non shedding hypo-allergenic breed.Our parent dogs Finn and Gally were sellected for their wonderful personality, excellent looks and also great bloodline of healthy champion dogs in the background of the both of them.
   Foxterriers are fearless with other animals.They will not back down if challenged.They have inborn prey drive and extremely quick reflexes, so little creatures will not run far from them.Foxterrier makes excellent entertaining companion to small children and adults.
New born puppies have black head and  black markings on their body.The ones on their body will stay black and will grow with the puppy.The black fuzz on their head will start shedding and at the end the ears, head and face will turn to tan with some white markings.When you start picking your puppy you should put more interest how it will fit in your family than to the markings of the puppy.Wire foxterrier puppies are very loving and full of life.Puppies should not be left with full access to the house, they should earn the access to additional parts of the house slowly and be crated when left alone.Puppies should be fed 4 meals a day until 3 months old. 3-6 months 3 meals a day, after that you can decide if you will feed once or 2x a day.The food allowance for the day stays the same.All puppies are cute, so new and innocent and buyers should remember they will eventually grow into full grown dogs.

 Bellow are our 2014 puppies at 1 weeks of age, 4 males and 2 females


Our 2013 Puppies bellow, 2 Males and 3 females in the litter

is a house pet,he guards the house faithfully and  is an unique breed.The most distinctive feature is its long muzzle ending in a wiry beard.The rest of the coat is also wiry and very thick.The breed comes in colours ranging in pure white to mix of white, tan and black.The ears fold nicely on top of their head giving them interesting look.Their eyes are set deep in their heads and sparkle with their lovely personality.The front legs are straight and the tail is standing up.The wire fox is non shedding allergy free breed, good for people with asthma and allergies.They can pick the best seat in the house with the best view, being it a rocking chair or sofa and leave it only when they feel like it.He wants to be part of everything that is happening and usually shoulders his way in.They are friendly, curious, fun and love challenge.They need to be part of the family, enjoy to be center of the attention and the always  have mischief in their mind.The breed has tendency to become diggers, mostly when bored.At the end of the day they enjoy to curl on a lap of their owners and love to be petted.The wire foxterrier lives usually long and healthy life.Many live to be 15 years old or more.This breed does not have any major hereditary problems.
   Wire foxterrier needs plenty of excercise otherwise they will become mischievious.They also need to be trained to have something to keep them busy.It is also important that like any other breed they get socialized as puppies.Their coat needs to be combed regulary and groomed atleast 2x a year.All show wire foxterriers are stripped, pets are generally clippered. The clipping results in softer coat.
Where do you live?
Where will your puppy sleep?
Is your yard fully fenced?
Will there be anyone at home during the day?If not how long will the puppy be left alone?
Do you have any children and what age?
Are there any other dogs? did you have any in the past and what breed?
Are there any other animals?
Are you interested in showing or agility performance?
Are you planning to breed the puppy in the future?
A puppy is for lifetime - not just when it is a little cute puppy. Do you agree?

The questions we ask are to make sure the puppy gets in good hands in their forever home to receive all attention
and love they deserve

A puppy that has up to date needles and deworming
CKC Microchip, CKC registration certificate
Excellent pedigree, Health guarantee
Veterinary health check certificate
Health record book will all medication and needles up to date
Our continuing support

You can contact us with any questions  at 519-428-4098 or email:

Waltzingfox Kennel
Jarmila Lenk-Rezac
Concession 6, RR#5
Simcoe, On, N3Y 4K4


 and include a contact phone number.

First Name: Jarmila
Last Name: Lenk
Address Street 1: Woodhouse Rd
Address Street 2: Concession 6
City: Simcoe, Ontario
Zip Code: (5 digits)N3Y4k4519
State: Canada
Daytime Phone: 519-428-4098
Evening Phone: 519-428-4098
Comments:puppies are microchipped and first needles
and veterinary health check certificate.Ready to go Now.

2014 puppies 4 males and 2 females

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